Controlling your pornography (conclusivefault) wrote,
Controlling your pornography

I met a crazy!

Alright, here's the deal.

I was on a hill at a stop light and there's this guy in a black trail blazer behind me, about a foot from my rear end (I drive stick, I'm on a hill. Keep that in mind.) Anyway, my car has been acting up lately, it started to sputter and such, so when the light turned green I didn't have quite the normal power -- point being I rolled back maybe 6 inches because it didn't have the pick up I needed.

Anyway, this guy behind me now honks three times (he shouldn't have been that fucking close, dumb ass) and gets right on my ass. ROOOAD RAAAAGE! So anyway he starts tail gating me up the hill and by this time I'm going a little over 30ish in a 25 zone. Still on my ass. So anyway, I put my blinker on, hit my brakes and turn onto the side road, which I had to hit the curb of because he would have rear ended me had I not, where there's a parking garage, pull into there and park, lock all my doors. Somewhere in there I flipped him off because he wouldn't back off. Anyway, he pulls in, parks next to me and gets out.

This is the fun part. He knocks on my window while yelling, "You got a fucking problem?". He repeats this over and over. He's bitching for about 5 minutes, during which he says "I drove stick for 30 fucking years and I never had a fucking problem," (had nothing to do with the transmission, it was my engine sputtering out.) So keep in mind now this guys has to be at least 45, he says, "You were man enough to give me the finger, why not man the fuck up and get the fuck out of the car" (or something to that effect). Anyway, he starts to walk away and then he turns around and looks me in the eye over the front of my car, yells at me "YOU GOT A FUCKING PROBLEM?" then walks back over to my window and says "Fuck you, you greasy bastard."

Now, he pulls out. I told Sarah to get his plate number when he drove out. Smart little prick he was, he noticed our glance of "We are getting your plate you dick", and backed all the way out so we couldn't get his plate number.
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