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I have this electric guitar. It's old, I'd say 50s or 60s. It's gorgeous, it's one of the more attractive electrics I have seen. The only problem is the neck is warped to shit and the electronics don't work. Not much of a guitar, right?

Today I made a decision about it - I'll be rebuilding it. The first thing I think I will be doing is buying an entirely new neck rather than thinking it can be repaired. The current one, besides being warped, is relatively unimpressive and clunky, it's a generic guitar that looks like it was mimicking an early Strat and has no name. The necks I'm looking at don't have the Strat look to them (save for two of them but they are vintage necks from the 60s so I can have a more original look).

After I get a new neck I'll be taking the hardware apart. I'm going to rebuild the bridge (it's a little dirty and age has gotten the best of it) and rewire the electronics with all new hardware unless the pickups can be salvaged, I may opt to keep those for the vintage sound... Unless they totally blow ass. Regardless I'll be rewiring the electronics to a more versatile setup, slightly modified from anything standard, and potentially I'll install a preamp for a little extra kick.

It'll be a nice little project and it will give me a reason to get off of acoustic for a bit and work at face melting.
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