Controlling your pornography (conclusivefault) wrote,
Controlling your pornography

You're a liar, get the fuck out.

Get out of my fucking head. Just, for the love of god, stay out of my fucking head because I've been thinking about you constantly for three months, fucking three months and I can't get you out of my damn skull to save my life and it's driving me into the ground and I'm so damn depressed and you're getting your payback, you've more than equalled it. Just get the fuck out of my head. Please. Please. Just leave my mind for good so I can move on because I can't fucking do it like you, you're ruining me. I'm ruining me. It's all on my fucking lap and I fucking ruined myself, but you had a hand because you didn't wait for me like you said you would, like I thought you would... You didn't give me enough time to figure myself out and to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to happen with my life. That's not something that can be solved in a couple months. I couldn't do it with you I had to do it on my own, I had to leave, but I was prepared to come back, I always wanted to come back. I thought you would wait. I thought you would fucking wait but you didn't, you said you wouldn't get over me, but you did. You lied to me, but I guess I lied to you too because I said I wouldn't come back.
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