Controlling your pornography (conclusivefault) wrote,
Controlling your pornography


I just planted four cacti! I went to visit my sister and in the Glen's market there they had seeds and while I was looking through I couldn't help but notice that they had a packet of cactus seed. Anyway, I've got 4 planted right now and my sister has two seeds and I have a whole load more of them if these ones don't work out. I have no idea why this excites me.

I'm also knitting a sock. I finished two scarves, one for Sarah and one for myself. I used alpaca blend yarn for those and I'm going to be making my socks with wool; however, right now I'm just experimenting with cheap yarn for socks. I don't think it's weird at all that I suddenly like knitting. I get weird looks, but I'd have to compare it to the same reason I like chain maille. I guess I should start carrying knitting and chain maille at the same time?

I guess my brother bought Lois' Saab (his friend's aunt who got drunk, tried walking home and passed out in the snowbank and died). It kind of ticks me off, he has a perfectly good vehicle and mine is starting to go to shit. That seems like a kind of horrible thing to talk about, or maybe disrespectful to Lois. Anyway, it just seems a bit frivolous of him and unfair to my mum. Why? She just dished out money to help him and Johanna with something or other. He just bought that car - $450 and he and Johanna also went and bought a pure bred dog (miniature schnauzer) - $400. It's pretty much bull shit if you ask me.

I have nothing more to say, right now.

Have a nice night,
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